At Spa Du Jour it’s all about you!!!

It’s all about you because we are by appointment ONLY and we accept no more then two clients at a time. When your scheduled, we give you our undivided attention.

There is no waiting room filled full of people you don’t know. You won’t be passing stranger’s in the hall. Never a service ruined by the chit chatting of others or by cell phones ringing in the next room.

Spa Du Jour is pleased you chose us. You chose well—Since opening its doors in 1999 our spa has been known for its outstanding Body services and  excellent Massages.
Our dedication has made Spa Du Jour the success it is today. Our therapist priority is to provide our clients with the most customized, relaxed, highest quality spa services and unsurpassed customer service at a reasonable price.

- Enjoy

     We were previously located at 1510 Ebenezer Rd. in Rock Hill. As of January 2014 we relocated to 766 Nations Ct. to better serve our clients. The new location is located in my personal home, in a private suite with it's own bathroom and it's own entrance. Our clients are enjoying this location much better!!! It has allowed us to be more flexible with our hours and have more appointment slots available. 

     Since relocating all services are done by appointment ONLY... Please remember we do not have open hours to the public, you must call to schedule a time to purchase gift certificates, take a tour of premises or for any other questions. 

                        GIFT CERTIFICATES


We must know at the time of booking your appointment that you are redeeming a gift certificate, also Allow at least a 14 day advance when booking. Gift certificates are available for all services with a 90 day expiration. NO refunds are given once they have been purchased. Please be responsible for them as we CANNOT look up a lost or stolen certificate. Our cancellation/rescheduling policy does apply to gift certificates.